In 1991, Yantai Aquatic Products Technology Promotion Center was established on the basis of the former Yantai Kelp Breeding Farm, which mainly undertakes the consultation and promotion of aquatic products technology in the whole city. The original Yantai kelp nursery was established in 1956, and it is one of the earlier kelp nurseries in my country.
In 1998, Yantai Aquatic Products Technology Promotion Center, as one of the fifty pilot units in Yantai City, carried out standardized company transformation in accordance with the "Company Law" and established Yantai Oriental Ocean Development Co., Ltd.
In 2001, in order to achieve unconventional resource aggregation, optimize resource allocation and capital expansion, and form a strength sufficient to compete with large foreign companies on the same stage, Yantai Oriental Ocean Co., Ltd. (now renamed "Shandong Oriental Ocean Group Co., Ltd.") as the The main sponsor, in conjunction with other legal persons and natural persons, initiated the establishment of Shandong Dongfang Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. with the approval of the Shandong Provincial People's Government.
In 2006, the company adhered to "honesty-based", established the business philosophy of "quality is life", actively promoted standardized production and management, and constantly pursued excellent performance. On November 28, 2006, the company issued 34.5 million RMB ordinary shares to the public. The stock was successfully listed on the Small and Medium Enterprise Board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the stock abbreviation is "Oriental Ocean", and the stock code is "002086".
In 2008, the company adhered to market-oriented, efficiency-centered, development and innovation as the main line, vigorously promoted system innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, and the comprehensive strength of the company was increasing day by day. 35.625 million RMB ordinary shares (A shares) were issued to 8 specific investors by way of stock, and the listing date was April 2, 2008. Up to now, the company's total share capital is 121.925 million shares.
In 2010, Shandong Dongfang Ocean Sales Co., Ltd. was established, dedicated to developing the domestic market

long term planning

>>Oriental Ocean will become a distribution center, radiation source and industrialization demonstration park for new varieties, new technologies and new achievements in the field of aquatic products.
We will focus on making breakthroughs in the fields of gene bank construction, introduction and breeding of new aquatic species, breeding of improved varieties, aquaculture and intensive processing, and provide the society with excellent seedlings, aquaculture products, processed products, new technologies and information.
We will actively cooperate with major colleges and universities at home and abroad to strengthen the combination of production, learning and research.
Collaborate to achieve our common goals.
>>Oriental Ocean will fully reflect the value of each employee.
We will carry out career design for employees and encourage them to develop their potential in suitable positions.
We will create a challenging work atmosphere to attract and retain the best talent.
We implement the recruitment mechanism of the survival of the fittest, boldly use new people, and give employees more opportunities for development.
We will implement continuing education projects to provide retraining opportunities for employees.
>>Oriental Ocean people will spare no effort to make their career bigger and stronger.
We will devote all our efforts to our areas of strength, and we promise to be always ready to serve our customers
Service, we strive to be innovative and practical in everything we do.