Social activity

Donate with love

Since its establishment, Shandong Dongfang Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the market-oriented, benefit-centered, vigorously promoted system innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, and comprehensively improved the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Now it has become a diversified industrial structure, It is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise with intensive operation scale and specialized operation field. The rapid and efficient development of the company benefits from the party's policies, the support of party committees and governments at all levels, and the help and care from all walks of life. Therefore, while the company is growing bigger and stronger, it is grateful to the society, ties to the people, sincerely repays the society with practical actions, and earnestly fulfills its social responsibilities. In recent years, a total of 1.479 million yuan has been donated.

In 2003, in the fight against SARS, the company donated 128,000 yuan;
In 2004, donated 100,000 yuan for the 20th anniversary of Yantai University; 50,000 yuan for the Ocean University of China; in the charity donation activity, the company donated 100,000 yuan and employees donated 12,345 yuan;
In 2005, the company donated 100,000 yuan to the victims of the tsunami in Southeast Asia, and employees donated 15,639 yuan; in the charity donation activity, the company donated 30,000 yuan and employees donated 20,850 yuan; Yantai Charity Federation was established, donating 30,000 yuan
In 2005, donated 20,000 yuan to the Dajijia Primary School in the Development Zone;
In 2006, the company donated 30,000 yuan to the Hope Project in Yantai; in the charity donation activities carried out in the city, the company donated 100,000 yuan and employees donated 32,130 yuan; all the company's employees donated 21,799 yuan to the company's employees in need.
In 2007, a total of 420,000 yuan was donated in the charity donation activity. Among them: 124,665 yuan for the company, 244,000 yuan for Cheshi, and 51,335 yuan for employees
In 2008, "Wenchuan" donated a total of 520,938 yuan for earthquake relief, including 150,000 yuan for the company and 370,938 yuan for employees, including 100,000 yuan in vehicles. Special party dues paid 53,700 yuan, of which 10 people paid more than 1,000 yuan.

In addition, every year on "June 1st", "August 1st" and "Teachers' Day", the company donates student funds and condolences to local primary schools and armed police detachments, and actively responds to various social charitable donation activities.
In the future love donations and donations to education, the company will continue to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation of being kind and helping the poor and the spirit of the times of caring for others and solidarity, establishing a socialist concept of honor and disgrace, cultivating the warmth of the world, and leading the social atmosphere.