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Social Activities



Shandong Oriental Ocean Sci-Tech Co., Ltd., since its inception, has always kept to being market-oriented and benefits-centered, promoted innovations in system, technology, and management, and enhanced the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Now it has developed into a large-scale comprehensive enterprise of diversified industrial structure, intensive scale, and specialized operation field. The rapid and efficient development of the company benefits from the policy of the party, the support of party committees at all levels of government, and also the help and care from all sectors of the society. And the company makes practical actions and shoulders social responsibilities in return. In recent years, it has donated a total of RMB1, 479,000.

In 2003, the company donated RMB128, 000 for fighting against SARS;
In 2004, it made donations and offer financial aids of RMB 100,000 in the 20 years’ anniversary of Yantai University and RMB 50,000 to China Ocean University; in other donation activities, the company donated RMB 100,000 and its staff, RMB 12,345;
In 2005, it donated RMB 100, 000 for people stricken by the Southeast Asian tsunami, and its staff, RMB 15,639. In other donation activities of the same year, it donated RMB 30,000, and its staff, RMB 20,850; Yantai Charity Federation was established that year, and the company donated RMB 30,000.
In 2005, the company offered the financial aids of RMB 20,000 to Dajijia Primary School in the Economic Development Zone.
In 2006, the company made donations of RMB 30,000 for Yantai Hope Project; in the donation activity conducted in the city, it donated RMB 100,000, and its staff, RMB 32,130. And the company and its staff gave RMB 21,799 for the relief of the needy workers.
In 2007, a total donation of RMB 420,000 was made in the donation activities, among which, the company, RMB 124,665, Mr. Che Shi (the president of the company), RMB 244,000, and staff, RMB 51,335.
In 2008, the donations of RMB 520,938 were made for “Wenchuan earthquake relief”, among which, the company, RMB 150,000, staff RMB 370,938, and Mr. Che Shi, RMB 100,000. The special party membership dues of RMB 53,700 were paid, and there were 10 people paid with RMB 1,000 of above.

In addition, the company gives tuition assistance and consolation money to the local primary schools and armed police detachment on each “Children’s Day”, “August 1st”, and “Teachers’ Day”. At the same time, it makes positive response to various charitable causes.

In the future of contributions and tuition assistance activities, the company will continue to carry forward the traditional virtues of philanthropicminde and helping those in danger and aiding these in distress, as well as the time spirit of caring about others and unity and mutual aid, set up the socialist concept of honor and disgrace, foster human warmth, and lead the social atmosphere.

Friendly Exchanges

Since its establishment, the company has received much concern and support form insiders and leaders of all levels.


Wang Qishan, Member of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice-premier of the State Council; Sheng Guangzu, Director of General Administration of Customs; Li Changjiang, Director of State General Administration of Quality Supervision; Jiang Yikang, Secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee; Jiang Daming, Governor of Shandong Province; Sun Yongchun, Secretary of Yantai Municipal Party Committee; and Zhang Jiangting, Mayor of Yantai visit the company for inspection.

Wu Yi, Member of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the Vice-premier, P.R. China; Han Yuqun, Governor of Shandong Province; and Yan Rongzhu, Member of Standing Committee of Shandong Province and Secretary of Yantai Municipal Party Committee arrive to inspect our company.

Mou Xinsheng, Director of General Administration of Customs, companied by Zhou Qi, Mayor of Yantai, inspects our company.

Fan Xiaojian, Minister of Agriculture; Li Jianhua, Director of Fishery Bureau; Hou Yingmin, Director of Shandong Ocean and Fishery Department visit our company.

Sun Yongchun, the Party Secretary of Yantai, visits our company.

Zhang Kehui, Vice Chairman of CPPCC and Chairman of Taiwan Alliance, arrives at and inspects our company.
Academician Gu Binglin, President of Tsinghua University, visits our company.

Academician Gu Binglin, the President of Tsinghua University, visits our company.

Yang Jian, Chief of Planning Department, Ministry of Agriculture, and Li Jiaqiang, Director of Tsinghua University Press, visit the company.

Li Chunting, Deputy Director of Rural Economic Commission of the NPC, visits the company.
Brad Owen, Governor of Washington State, US, visits our company.

Brad Owen, the Lieutenant Governor of Washington State, USA, visits our company.

A group photo of the company leaders and Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Iceland President

Inoue Nobuyuki, Mayor of Beppu City, Japan, visit the company.