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In 1991, Yantai Aquatic Technology Promotion Center was founded on the base of Yantai Kelp Breeding Base to take over the consultation and promotion work of aquatic technologies. Founded in 1956, Yantai Kelp Breeding Base was one of the earliest kelp breading bases in China.

In 1998, Yantai Fishery Technique Promotion Center, as one of pilot units of Transform from the Institution to Enterprise in Yantai, was reformed into Yantai Oriental Ocean Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. according to the Corporation Law.

In 2001, in order to unconventionally collect resources, optimize the allocation of resources and expand capital and enhance the competitive power with foreign major corporations, Yantai Oriental Ocean Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. (Shandong Oriental Ocean Co., Ltd. currently), approved by Shandong government, initiated and co-established Shandong Oriental Ocean Sic-Tech Co., Ltd. with other juridical persons and natural persons.

In 2006, adhering to the “Honesty-based” thought and carrying forward the operational principle of “Quality is Life”, the company boasted standardized production and management, pursued excellent performance and issued RMB 34.5 million ordinary shares on Nov. 28 in the same year. To be listed in the SME Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the stock is named Oriental Ocean for short and numbered 002086.

In 2008, guided by the market, focusing on benefit and keeping in line with development and innovation, the company vigorously promoted innovations in system, technology, and management to improve the comprehensive strength. On March 17, 2008, it privately issued RMB 35.625 million ordinary shares (A share) to 8 special investors and its listing date is April 2nd, 2008. Till now, the total shares of the company reach 121.925 million shares.

Shandong Oriental Ocean Sale Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010

Perspective Plan

>> Oriental Ocean will become the demonstration park of new varieties, new technologies, and new results, and radiant point and industrialized demonstration park in the national aquatic field.
We will strive to make breakthroughs in the construction of germplasm bank, and introduction & breeding, seed-breeding, aquaculture and intensive processing of new aquatic products, providing fine-quality seeds, aquaculture products, processing products, and up-to-date technology and information.
We will actively strengthen the cooperation with large institutes at home and abroad in the fields of production, study and research to achieve our common goal.

>> Oriental Ocean will make every employee to fully embody the value.
We will provide career designing and encourage employees to maximize their potentials in the most suitable posts.
We will build the challenging work atmosphere to attract and retain the best talents.
We implement the mechanism of selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior, enabling new employees, and offering more opportunities for development.
We will continue to implement the educational engineering and offer retraining opportunities.

>> Oriental Ocean will spare no effort to make its own career bigger and stronger.
We will try our best in our advantageous field, we promise to always be ready to customers, and we strive to make bold innovations and stress practical results.