Shandong Dongfang Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. Collagen Processing Factory is located in Laishan Economic Development Zone, Yantai City. It has invested nearly 20 million yuan to introduce domestic first-class advanced equipment, mainly engaged in the production of collagen series products, with an annual processing capacity of 200 tons of collagen products. The products are widely used in health care, food, beverage, beauty and other industries. In addition to exporting raw materials to Japan, the European Union and other countries, the factory also independently produces a series of products such as solid beverages, energy packs, powder granules, capsules, and oral liquids.

Oriental Ocean Collagen Processing Factory cooperates with several professors and doctors of Ocean University of China to give full play to the imported pollution-free deep-sea fish skin resources of Oriental Ocean, and produce advantageous collagen series products through the physical extraction process of advanced biological enzyme directional shearing technology. .

1. Raw material advantages: The company directly imports the raw materials of deep-sea cod that are quick-frozen and stored on board without pollution, and separates and processes the skin and flesh of the fish. The fish meat is processed into a variety of foods in the refrigerated workshop and exported to the EU market; the fish skin directly enters the collagen production workshop to produce collagen and its series of peptide products, without secondary pollution, it is a pure "green" collagen product.

2. Quality control advantages: The company actively promotes standardized production and management, implements the integrated operation of fishing, transportation and processing, and the quality control procedures are reasonably complete. The production of products adopts "green" technology without any additional additives.

3. Advanced technology: using physical (pure water thermal extraction) technology to obtain collagen, and using advanced separation, purification and drying technology for separation and purification to ensure the purity and quality of the product; Bio-enzyme-directed enzyme engineering technology” hydrolyzes to obtain a series of collagen peptides, which maintains the biological activity of collagen to the greatest extent, and helps the human body to better digest, absorb and utilize.

4. The product comes from deep-sea marine organisms, and there is no disease danger of terrestrial animals, such as mad cow disease, foot-and-mouth disease and bird flu, etc. It has a high degree of biological safety, and is not restricted by religious factors in application and consumption.

At present, the products have passed a series of certifications such as QS, SC, GMP, HACCP, and halal food.