sales company

Shandong Dongfang Marine Sales Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company established by Shandong Dongfang Marine Technology Co., Ltd. in response to the development strategy of "Blue Economy" in the world and to open up the domestic market. Marketing innovation as the concept, and strive to create an international well-known brand image of Oriental Ocean.

Shandong Dongfang Ocean Sales Co., Ltd. deeply understands the cultural essence of the company, conscientiously implements the tenet of "developing blue ocean, caring for life and health", strictly fulfills the mission of "quality equals life", and faithfully pursues the principle of "win-win cooperation, sincerity and trust". Concept, to create high-quality marine ecological food, leading China's marine food into a new "high-purity era", to be the pioneer of high-purity marine ecological food.

On the basis of strengthening the marine industry and innovating marine science and technology, we will fully develop the domestic large market, comprehensively promote the products of the head office to the domestic market, and provide deep-sea green food for all sectors of society.