fishing branch

Muping Leisure Fishing Branch was established in 2013. Relying on the company's 17,000 mu artificial reef area, it is equipped with professional fishing boats and service personnel to provide high-quality services for the majority of fishing enthusiasts.

The artificial reef area has been constructed since 2009. After several years of management, the reef area is rich in resources such as black catfish, six-line fish, and star eel, making it an ideal place for recreational fishing.

Here, the sea area is vast, the water depth is large, the sea flow is smooth, the water quality is clear, the south is adjacent to the 10,000-mu black pine shelterbelt, and the air is fresh. When you go fishing here, you can not only enjoy the fun of fishing, but also breathe the fresh air contributed by the natural oxygen bar.

Muping Leisure Fishing Branch is your first choice tourist destination to relax and recuperate.