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Sales Company


Shandong Oriental Ocean Sales Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shandong Oriental Ocean Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. established to actively respond to the development strategy of “blue economy” and develop domestic market. Guided by the concept of “Technological Innovation, Product Innovation, Service Innovation, Quality Innovation, Marketing Innovation”, our company strives to establish the international famous brand.

Shandong Oriental Ocean Sales Co., Ltd. comprehends the cultural essence of the group, carefully implements the tenet of “Development of Blue Ocean, Care for Life Health” and the mission of “Quality is Life”, and adheres to the philosophy of “Cooperative, Reciprocal, Honest, Trustworthy”. Meanwhile, our company produces high-quality marine food, leads the domestic marine food to a “high-purity era”, and aims to be a leading manufacturer of high-purity marine food.

Based on strengthening ocean industry and innovation of marine science and technology, our company develops domestic market, launches our products in the domestic market, and provides green marine products.

Based on the achievements of the group, our company summarizes the profit mode for industry management and marketing, adheres to the tenet of “Development of Blue Ocean, Lead The Domestic Marine Food to a New ‘High-purity Era’” according to market demands, absorbs the essence of the diversified ocean culture by virtue of the high-quality marine food, advocates the natural and healthy concept, and creates health and new fashion. The high-purity products from deep sea are provided for a high-quality life.

There are 216 agents and exclusive shops in 18 provinces, 4 municipalities and 73 prefecture-level cities.