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Collagen Protein


Collagen Peptide Factory
  Shandong Oriental Ocean Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. Collagen Peptide Factory, located in Laishan District, produces series productions of collagen peptide which are widely used in health product, food, drink, cosmetics and etc. The factory invested 20,000,000 yuan in first-class equipment and since appearance of the product, high evaluations have received from food and cosmetics industry all over the world. Except raw material exporting to Japan and EU, the factory also independently produces solid drink, energy pack, powder, capsule, oral liquid, cosmetics and so on.

Cooperating with doctors and professors of Ocean University, sufficiently exploit the advantage of imported non-pollutant deep sea fish skin resources, adopting biological enzyme directional cutting technology extract process, the factory produces unique high-quality collagen peptide series:

1. Raw material advantage: raw materials are all on-vessel frozen, non-pollution deep sea cod. Separated fish meat is produced into various types of food exported to EU market; fish skin directly goes into collagen peptide factory and is produced into collagen peptide series without second pollution. Hence it is called the most “Green” collagen peptide product.

2. Quality control advantage: the company advocates standardized production and management, adopt harvest-transportation and production integration operation. Quality control procedures are suitable and complete. No extra additive in the “Grenn” processing technology.

3. Advanced technology: to obtain collagen by physical (pure water heat extraction) technology, advanced separation, purification and dry technology are used to purify to ensure neatness and quality; proprietary intellectual property right owned “biological enzyme directional enzyme engineer technology” is used to hydrolysis and obtain peptide collagen which keeps biological activity of collagen to the most extent and helps human body absorb and utilize.

4. The product originates from deep sea organism, which keeps land animal disease away, eg: BSE, FMD and bird flu. It has higher biological safety and is not limited by religious reasons.

The product has already passed QS, SC, GMP, HACCP, HALAL certification and is recommended by the Chinese Association of Anti-aging.


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