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Salmon roe - crystal clear and delicious

Date: 2021-09-15 19:57



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do you know?

The nutritional value of salmon roe is very high. The crystal clear salmon roe is rich in phosphate calcium and vitamins A, B and other substances. According to scientific research, three salmon roes can be worth the nutritional value of an egg.

Salmon roe contains 18 kinds of amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, 8 kinds of vitamins and 9 kinds of trace elements that the human body cannot produce, as well as high-quality protein and a small amount of fat nutrients. Its unsaturated fatty acids, EPA, DHA and DPA, have extremely important creative effects on reducing blood lipids and promoting the growth and development of nerve cells in the brain. In addition, the content of N-3 fatty acids and trace elements selenium and zinc can fully meet the daily dietary requirements, can effectively protect the cell membrane from damage, achieve physical fitness, benefit the brain, improve eyesight, eliminate brain and physical fatigue, etc.


A fish in the water harvests ten thousand seeds in "spring": the small fish eggs are both nutritious and delicious, so you can't miss them! Salivation. When you put the eggs into your mouth and crush the eggs with your tongue and upper jaw, you can understand that the sweetness and the smell of sea water bursting out of these little eggs will definitely make You are unforgettable.

How to eat?


1. Sushi. Put the seaweed in a frying pan and bake on low heat until fragrant, take out, cool and cut into 4 cm wide strips. Wet your hands, take an appropriate amount of sushi rice and knead it into a rice ball; then wrap the nori strips around the rice ball, leaving a 1 cm high edge on the top, and fold the bottom inward to form a cup. Press the sushi rice in the "cup" tightly, and coat the top with salmon roe. Wash the cucumbers, cut them into fan-shaped thin slices, and garnish them next to the salmon roe to make salmon roe sushi.


2. Bibimbap. Put a spoonful of salmon roe directly on the steamed rice (the temperature should not be too high, it needs to be slightly cooled) and then stir it lightly before eating, which can make ordinary rice delicious and nutritious. Richer, especially for developing children, it has great benefits.


3. Salmon Roe Sashimi. When it comes to sashimi, people usually think of sashimi. In fact, there are a wide variety of sashimi, including fish roe, and even some valuable venison and horse meat can also be used as sashimi materials. Salmon roe sashimi is very easy to make. Cut a cucumber from the center and cut it into sections, hollow out the core of the cucumber, and place an appropriate amount of salmon roe in the middle of the cucumber. If you don't even bother with this, you can also wrap fresh salmon roe directly with seaweed or coriander leaves and eat it. In fact, the functions of cucumber, seaweed and cotyledon are actually the same, which is to neutralize the fishy smell of some fish roe. If you like the original and exciting taste of seafood, you can also eat salmon roe directly with a spoon.

Tasting fish roe, without using your teeth, let the deliciousness erupt between the collision of the tip of the tongue and the palate, only in this way can you taste the purest luxury of the ocean!