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Avik Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Date: 2023-07-29 14:40

Established in 2016, located at No.1 Laiyuan Road, Laishan District, mainly engaged in the research and development, production, and sales of in vitro diagnostic reagents. It is a high-tech enterprise and the vice president unit of the Shandong in vitro diagnostic reagent industry association. It has been selected as a new research and development institution in Shandong Province, and has built a 4000 square meter GMP clean workshop, including a 10000 level production area, a 100000 level production area, a quality inspection area, and a research and development laboratory. It mainly applies immune methodology The research and development and production of diagnostic reagents have been carried out using methods such as chemiluminescence and POCT. They have been selected as one of the first batch of medical device production quality management practice bases in Yantai City and have been awarded the Yantai Biopharmaceutical Famous Product Contribution Award. The company has carried out independent research and development of biological diagnosis and applied transformation product series, including novel coronavirus antigen antibody detection series, EB virus detection series, stomach function detection series, tumor marker detection series, diabetes detection series, myocardial detection series, etc. It has obtained 18 medical device registration products and more than 70 products under research.