Marine Business Unit

Develop blue ocean, care for life and health

Marine Business Unit

Oriental Ocean Marine Business Department, seizing the opportunity of transforming new and old drivers, actively implements the strategy of land and sea integration and building a maritime power, and under the guidance of the the Belt and Road and marine granary policy, speeds up the company's scientific and technological innovation work to take the lead in the country's industry. Utilizing the existing domestic first-class large-scale seaweed germplasm resources, we have cultivated 5 national level new varieties of kelp and 1 national level new variety of sea cucumber, completed the whole genome sequencing of kelp, and established a genome sequence information platform. A complete industrial system has been established in areas such as kelp conservation, breeding and seedling breeding, marine ranching construction, industrial breeding of precious fish, and development of recreational fisheries. The processing and export capacity of aquatic products has always been at the forefront in China, and dozens of processed aquatic products have been sold to multiple countries and regions around the world. Extend the industrial chain, improve resource utilization, and develop a series of marine specialty foods, innovative drugs, and modern marine biological products with national characteristics, such as sea cucumber peptides, collagen peptides, and kelp collagen alcohols, with independent intellectual property rights.

Ecological aquaculture of marine ranches

Invest 1 billion yuan to build a visible, measurable, and controllable ecological smart ocean ranch covering 50000 acres.

Export of aquatic product processing

The company has a national standard processing workshop of 66400 square meters, a GMP workshop of 500 square meters, and an annual processing capacity of 60000 tons. It has multiple product series and is exported to Japan, South Korea, European and American countries and regions.

Bonded Logistics

Dongfang Ocean Bonded Logistics Center is a professional bonded warehousing base approved by the General Administration of Customs, integrating domestic trade, warehousing, distribution, customs declaration and inspection, bonded supervision, and import and export information processing.

Recreational Fishery

Mouping Leisure Fishing Branch was established in 2013, relying on the company's 17000 acre artificial reef area, equipped with professional fishing boats and service personnel, to provide high-quality services for fishing enthusiasts.

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