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Shandong Oriental Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. High tech Zone Company

Date: 2023-07-29 14:35


Shandong Oriental Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. was accepted and listed as a national aquatic breeding farm by the Ministry of agriculture in 1999. In 2008, the high-tech division company was established as the main base of the improved seed farm. It has the same address as the high-tech zone leisure fishing branch of Shandong Oriental Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. and now has scientific research and production facilities integrating seed conservation, breeding and breeding, including a scientific research building area of 3000m2; It has a kelp germplasm conservation, identification and new variety cultivation center, and has laboratories for germplasm resources, clonal expansion culture, constant temperature seed production, tissue culture, ultra-low temperature freezing and biochemical analysis, and is equipped with 62 sets of advanced instruments and equipment; There are 9000m2 kelp nursery room, 3600M2 sea treasure nursery room, 256 Mu sea cucumber intensive pond, 17114 Mu sea cucumber breeding area and marine experimental base. An improved seed production system based on Gametophyte cloning technology has been established for germplasm conservation, variety cultivation and seedling breeding. The first-class kelp germplasm resource bank at home and abroad has been established, and the gametophyte clones of 50 varieties (lines) and 11 varieties (lines) at home and abroad have been collected and preserved. The main breeding varieties have obtained the certification of pollution-free origin and pollution-free products.

The leisure sea fishing branch has 17000 Mu artificial reef fishing ground, more than 200 mu seawater fishing pond, and more than 40 mu onshore supporting service area. The seawater quality of the fishing ground meets the national class I water quality standard, and is rich in nutrients and bait organisms, suitable for the growth of a variety of marine organisms.