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Yantai Shanhai Food Co., Ltd

Date: 2023-07-29 14:38


A wholly-owned subsidiary of Dongfang Ocean. Established in 2002, the factory is located on Rand Road in Laishan District. Mainly engaged in the processing and sales of frozen food, it is a modern enterprise that integrates food research and development, production and processing, and international trade.

The company has 2 modern refrigeration processing plants with a refrigeration capacity of 2500 tons per time. There are 6 ultra clean, fully enclosed, and central air conditioning processing workshops designed according to international standards, with a total area of 8000m2 and supporting processing, refrigeration, and safety inspection facilities. There are independent thawing, semi-finished product processing, finished product packaging and changing rooms, washing and disinfection rooms, etc., which can perform multiple types of processing operations simultaneously.