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Caring for investors, working together

Date: 2021-09-15 19:57



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The protection of the legitimate rights and interests of investors is related to the vital interests of the broad masses of the people, and is an important basic work of the capital market. To this end, the China Securities Regulatory Commission attaches great importance to the protection of investors, especially small and medium investors, and has designated May 15 every year as the "National Investor Protection Publicity Day".

The theme of this year's Investor Protection Publicity Day is "Caring for Investors and Acting Together - Consolidating the Foundation for the Reform of the Registration System and Protecting the Legal Rights and Interests of Investors". Investors are the foundation of the development of the capital market and the foundation of the development of listed companies. Respecting, rewarding and protecting investors has always been the basic work of Shandong Oriental Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. in the capital market.

Shandong Oriental Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. hereby reminds you:

1. Establish a rational investment concept and enhance the awareness of risk prevention.

2. The risk of blind obedience is high, and the rational value is high.

3. Financial management depends on reason, and investment should not be speculative.

4. Live within your means, invest appropriately, put an end to blind obedience, and invest rationally.

5. Invest rationally, resist temptation, and stay away from illegal activities.

6. Know the market, know yourself, and be an investor who invests rationally.

7. Investment should go to legal channels, prevent the risk of illegal securities investment, and establish the awareness of investment risk.

8. Mature and rational understanding of investment, honest, trustworthy and compliant operation.

9. "New speculation" is risky, and investment should be cautious.

10. Follow the trend and hype more losses, rational investment is the foundation.